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Grateful Dead Conspiracy » Live Grateful Dead Songs » Gotta Serve Somebody » Jacque Fresco - Oct 12, 2010 - Investigating Behavior (1/5) Video

Jacque Fresco - Oct 12, 2010 - Investigating Behavior (1/5) Video

Grateful Dead - Gotta Serve Somebody

TheVenusProject.com Lecture in 5 parts from Oct.12, 2010. Thanks Liam Swords for transcribing this lecture youtube.com

15 Responses to “Jacque Fresco - Oct 12, 2010 - Investigating Behavior (1/5) Video”

  1. TheCosmosOfFeeling says:

    @thevenusprojectmedia Okay, I would really like to meet him when I go down in the fall. He saved my life. If I never heard of him and found him, I don't know where I would be now. When my mother passed in May he really helped and gave me hope. It is one of my dreams to talk to him and meet him. I want to make the world a better place. I want a peaceful existence, for man, the animals, the plants, for all life and the planet. Really want to Help with The venus Project, what can I do to help?

  2. thevenusprojectmedia says:

    @TheCosmosOfFeeling do come out when you can, remember Jacque is 95...so don't wait too long! Send me an email to tvp@thevenusproject dot com and i will send you information to help with our activism teams.

  3. TheCosmosOfFeeling says:

    @thevenusprojectmedia I will indeed. :) When I get time tomorow, I will email you. I have a busy day, so I'm going to catch some sleep. Hopefully I can get down there if I'm lucky. I'm not exactly 100% sure because I have a money problem at the moment. But I am saving up. One of my dreams to meet and thank him for everything he has done for me. I never in my life had a hero, but he is my hero. He inspires me to follow my dreams and make the world a better place.

  4. Fuburevolu says:


  5. blackpanther6389 says:

    @OutShoneGod His "The Best that Money can't Buy" is only like 24 bucks. It's good, I would def give it a read =D.

  6. Mascis77J says:

    @blackpanther6389 Yeah... I bought that book and read it with great excitement... reccomended... and I will most likely read it several more times...:)

  7. chloe290983 says:

    But what is the "randomness"? It's offering something that can't really be explained or proven. like religion. I don't think anyone who REALLY follows Jacque Fresco belives that there are random events like i think you mean. Any! If your more specific about it someone could answer it.. My mum has always told me that "everything happens for a reason" and "people arent stupid, they just do silly things. My sis and mum were sexually abused by my runaway father. As difficult as it is i still -----

  8. chloe290983 says:

    ---- believe in reason. Probably partly cause my mum always said that but ive thought about it and most stuff that has happened to me has had a plausable reason the rest, well i don't know. Maybe it takes time to see the reasons why. People arent born evil. Something that could only be man-made could do that. Basically iv tried to give an explanation to why i believe. You need to show us a proven case of complete randomness and or evil or happening without any explanation whatsoever.

  9. TronixGuy93 says:

    Here's a question that I was just asked the other day. In this new RBE proposed for the future, what would happen to things such as creative expression if everybody, or a maximal amount of people are say expected to act as closely as they can to a computer?

  10. nomadazm says:

    join the linguistic teams and help spread this information into all languages and corners of the World. 5 billion don't speak english. English proofreaders needed!!
    Linguistic Team International (LTI) facebook group and
    forum.linguisticteam org/

  11. cptmuska says:

    o the camera wasen't on, well god damn what have I been talking for. lol

  12. JasonVS2011 says:

    Jacque is undoubtedly a great mind, but I cant help thinking that the world he proposes would be somewhat dull. If everyone thought like him the world would undoubtedly be a less troubled and more efficient place, but at the same time we would have never been given great works by Dostoevsky, no Beethoven’s 5th symphony or Vincent van Gogh paintings. Great Art is born out in times of strife and struggle. I’m not sure I’d want to live in the clinical world that Jacque describes.

  13. zooyo4k says:

    im coming soon i cant wait

  14. Josephjoel3 says:

    Look at him. Living in his sanctuary. How can you not give this guy a listen? He built that place with all of his knowledge!

  15. Catskywatcher113005 says:

    I don't know why people would think that in the world that He proposes the people would be dull. No, more like happier and creative because this would be a world of abundance and problems like working for money to pay bills and healthcare would be a thing of the past. You would have more time to dedicate to waterer you like. If you need inspiration from bad things then just look back to how the world use to be

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