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Grateful Dead Conspiracy » Live Grateful Dead Songs » Wharf Rat » Grateful Dead - Wharf Rat Video Clip

Grateful Dead - Wharf Rat Video Clip

Grateful Dead - Wharf Rat

3-28-81 Rockpalast

Road Trips, Vol. 4 No. 3: Denver '73 (3CD)

Grateful Dead - Wharf Rat - go through the image under for more info

Grateful Dead - Wharf Rat

Colorado has been fertile Grateful Dead Territory since the band's first foray at the short-lived Denver Family Dog in 1967, and by the time 1973 rolled around, the group had built a large and loyal following there the old-fashioned way -- by playing killer shows! And you'll have a high time getting lost in the majesty and mystery of Road Trips Vol. 4, No. 3, which consists of the entire November 21, 1973 concert at the Denver Coliseum spread across two-and-a-half discs, and then an excellent sequence of tunes from the second set of the previous night's Denver show.

Includes CD booklet containing an essay about the show and period photos. All songs have been mastered to HDCD specs for maximum punch and clarity.

Track listing:

CD 1:

1. Me and My Uncle

2. Sugaree

3. Jack Straw

4. Dire Wolf

5. Black Throated Wind

6. Big Railroad Blues

7. Mexicali Blues

8. They Love Each Other

9. Looks Like Rain

10. Here Comes Sunshine

11. Big River

12. Brokedown Palace

CD 2:

1. Weather Report Suite

2. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo

3. Playing In The Band

4. El Paso

5. Playing In The Band

6. Wharf Rat

7. Playing In The Band

8. Morning Dew

CD 3:

1. Truckin'

2. Nobody's Fault But Mine

3. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad

4. One More Saturday Night

5. Uncle John's Band

6. Truckin' (from 11/20/73)

7. The Other One (from 11/20/73)

8. Stella Blue (from 11/20/73)

Road Trips, Vol. 4 No. 3: Denver '73 (3CD)

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25 Responses to “Grateful Dead - Wharf Rat Video Clip”

  1. kyndman007media says:

    Jerry messes up 1 lyric...
    So Say No To Drugs Kids! Shut the hell up. He's only beloved by millions & did what he loved for a living. Yeah, you shouldn't do herion & crack, but people are going to do what they want to do. Please save the anti-drug msg. for your next DARE meeting!

  2. RayGunOfDeath says:

    I think lots of performers forget the words. The Dead was unique in that they did not control the music. Anybody was allowed to tape it. So you get the real live deal. You don't see that much anywhere else.

  3. yenrab921 says:

    @surfer987dog Quite the contrary do as much as you can without doing too much!

  4. surfer987dog says:

    Drugs are bad. Unless you want to live fast and die young. Garcia was staying in a California drug rehabilitation facility when he died of a heart attack in August 1995, at age 53.

  5. AugustWest76 says:

    @alganja +1 I think he dug the 80s style

  6. AugustWest76 says:

    @alganja lol, he digs the 80s style

  7. fadinboy says:

    4.30: Pete's acid kicks in

  8. albatross7677 says:

    @surfer987dog I outlived him by 3 years.

  9. albatross7677 says:

    Got to love that 3rd guitarist, Pete Townsend. Would have loved to have been at this concert. The Dead brought there best to this one.

  10. sugapablo says:

    Jerry is trying REALLY hard to ignore Pete's playin' while he's singing so he don't mess up the lyrics. Failed once. ;)

  11. Mtdeadhead312 says:

    im not sure if its the angle the camera keeps showing Pete at, but it looks like he keeps hiding behind Jerry....

  12. TheBackOfTheBoat says:

    @surfer987dog yeah I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be watching this right now had Jerry never done drugs.

  13. fadinboy says:

    jerry could shred with the best of em

  14. gorethem says:

    Jerry has the hula jaw going :) . Gotta love that. We miss him !!!

  15. lstjr99 says:

    The only band that mattered...

  16. GenoveseInc says:

    I shed a tear...

  17. fadinboy says:

    sing it with jerry's emotion then talk about forgettin lyrics

  18. rockerfan12196 says:

    I know this sounds strange. But I've always wanted to have Jerry's hair and beard.

  19. ftsmoo says:

    i am so glad that i get it. thanks for posting the vid.

  20. DChico91 says:

    @fadinboy amen it dosent really matter if you know the lyrics anyway

  21. edslides1 says:

    about the drugs.
    can you imagine what the dead would have played without em?
    they are gonna take ya in the end, but look at the beauty that was given to the world at jerrys expense. he died for his music, if ya wanna look at it from that place.
    i do.
    thanks jerry. wish ya could have beat that demon.
    drugs suck at the end of the day.

  22. zendishwasher2 says:

    @edslides1 it wasnt about the drugs my friend. after 30 years on the road we would all need a way to cope.

  23. edslides1 says:

    jerry was 'coping' for how long?
    jerry was 'coping' long before there wqas ever a 'problem'
    how old are you?
    face it. the dead WERE a drug, and they ARE all the same. tobacco, pot, caffeine, power, nintendo, sex, pedohilia, whatever floats your boat. without the drugs, the Dead would have been, at best, a footnote in rock history.
    the talent would have remained, but it would have went somewhere else.
    thanks, guys. you left the world a beautiful thing.

  24. edslides1 says:

    8 eloquent words.
    'i am so glad that i get it'

  25. 5stringofFernandoSor says:

    Pete Townshend really added alot to this recording. Not.

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