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Crazy Fingers Lyrics

in Blues for Allah Album

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Your rain falls like crazy fingers
Peals of fragile thunder keeping time
Recall the days that still are to come some sing blue.
Hang your heart on laughing willow stray
Down to the water, deep sea of love
beneath the sweet calm face of the sea swift undertow.

Life may be sweeter for this, I don't know,
See how it feels in the end.
May Lady Lullaby sing plainly for you soft, strong, sweet and true.
Cloud hands reaching from a rainbow tapping at the window, touch your hair
So swift and bright strange figures of light float in air.

Who can stop what must arrive now? Something new is waiting to be born
Dark as the night you're still by my side shine inside .
Gone are the days we stopped to decide where we should go, we just ride.
Gone are the broken eyes we saw through in dreams gone, both dream and lie.

Life may be sweeter for this, I don't know,
Feels like it might be alright,
While Lady Lullaby sings plainly through you Love still rings true.
Never could reach it, just slips away but I try.

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